YBCA's mission of generating culture that moves people is fulfilled in a number of ways. Our innovative programs involve collaborative partnerships with other local organizations, inviting citizens of all ages and backgrounds from all around the Bay Area to build cultural movement, and recognizing the people who inspire our work.

Civic Engagement

YBCA’s work extends into the realm of public life. Through groundbreaking partnerships, we’re activating our mission throughout the civic arena; including schools, neighborhoods, and City Hall.

YBCA Fellows

The YBCA Fellows program brings together creative citizens from across the Bay Area to engage in a yearlong process of inquiry, dialogue, and project generation.

YBCA 100

Each year, the YBCA 100 list celebrates the innovators, provocateurs, and thought leaders from all over the world who are using their platform to create cultural movement.

Public art

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts has a long tradition of making use of its publicly-viewable spaces by commissioning works from a wide range of artists.